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by Tapestries of Sound

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Tapestries of Sound's latest single is Decolonialise! This brew was imagined in 2014, recorded in 2016 and produced in 2018.

Video clip available at youtu.be/UwpQsss45l8


From Eureka moments across the land laced with songs dreamt into mouths in synchrony,
To sprouting spurts of subversions convergin' in chaotic cacophony,
All over the world where people are found there is bound to be trouble between takes on liberty,
Transcending conquest and competition -
We're all connected and not adversaries!

Decolonialise the island!
No more theirs or yours or my land!
Domination soon by fallin'!
Time to kick the border wall in!


Decolonialise and arise from beneath the banal comfort of being subsumed,
Speak the change you wanna hear all around, stop the domination one word at a time,
Let them roll their eyes as you speak in a tongue - just cos they never learnt it shouldn't cease to be,
Or turn their talk into your own tool to twist the tables- terminate the tyranny!

அ ஆ இ ஈ உ ஊ எ ஏ ஐ ஒ ஓ ஔ ஃ, என் மொழி
a-ā-i-ī-u-ū-e-ē-ai-o-ō-ow-ah, en mozhi!
"(Tamil vowels), my language!"

ஒவ்வொரு நாள், இன்னொரு சொல் கற்றிடுவேன், இது என் மொழி
ovvoru nāḷ innoru sol kaṛṛiḍuvēn, idu en mozhi!
"Every day another word I'll learn, this is my language!"

சிரமமாக இருந்தாலும் முயற்சி செய்து பேசிக்கொண்டிருப்பேன்
ciramamāha irundālum muyaṛci ceydu pēcikkoṇḍiruppēn!
"Though it be hard, making efforts I'll carry on speaking!"

வ-வ-வ- வாங்கோ! வாங்கோ! வாங்கோ! மொழியை பேசு கொஞ்சம் வாங்கோ!
va-va-va-vāngo! vāngo! vāngo! mozhiyai pēcu koñcam vāngo!
"Come, come, come, to speak the lingo, just come!"

வ-வ-வ- வாங்கோ! வாங்கோ! வாங்கோ! மொழியை பேசு உடனே வாங்கோ!
va-va-va-vāngo! vāngo! vāngo! mozhiyai pēcu uḍanē vāngo!
"Come come come to speak the lingo, come on right now!"

Decolonialise the island!
No more theirs or yours or my land!
Domination lasts a moment!
Time to sing the border lament!


Let the tongues swagger eclectic!
Manifold, mashed up and hectic!
Voices and bodies a'glist'nin'!
Time to start journeys of list'ning!


released November 1, 2018

Five-string Banjo - Dave Carr
Clawhammer longneck and bass banjo - Robin Dixon
Cajon & backing vocals - Andrew Purdam
Saxophone - Nitya Bernard Parker
Rhythm guitar & lead vocals - Mahesh Radhakrishnan
Dancer - Jennifer White-Radhakrishnan


Music - Tapestries of Sound
Lyrics - Mahesh Radhakrishnan
Decolonialise riff by Riffmaster Robin Dixon

Audio recording and production by Greg Le Couteur (Shadowsounds Studios)

Audio mastering by William Bowden (King Willy Sound)


Amanda Le Couteur
Greg Le Couteur
Phillippa Murphy-Haste
Meena & J. Radhakrishnan
Pedro Ramalho
Patrícia Pereira
Nuno Ferreira Martins




Tapestries of Sound Sydney, Australia

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