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Unsung Yarns

by Tapestries of Sound

Flying a rival flag- Dangerous times Disgruntled though you feel Beware of the vigilant eyes Silverton picnic train Ready to celebrate Hardly prepared for pain Behind the car they wait Behind the cart we hide Blind to the faceless screams To no one do we confide These last of our broken dreams I will fight and kill your people because your people are fighting us I have no enemies among you This I do 'cos I feel it so much Silverton picnic train Ready to celebrate Hardly prepared for pain A totally different fate A picnic on New Year's day For the folk of Broken Hill The war seemed so far away Before the chill... Why did they shoot to kill? Why did they hide? Why are they full of hate? Why do they stay that side?
Heading out to the outback to the old into the past, west, Riding out from the sun to another zone yet in the same state Unearthing histories and mysteries of families Whose stories are unheard to many- Did you know them bastards did a lot for this country? Camelelelei lelelei... Uncovering little blasts from the past in the old mining township By the desert where the dromedaries roam in the loam- once were tied there In the camp to the north and the west both would bow in the same direction Very little remains that proclaims how these cameleers did a lot for this country Camelelelei lelelei... From the Sindh and Punjab, Peshawar, Kandahar and The Frontier They came from Kargil and Kabul, Cairo, Karachi and Kashmir Burke and Wills they might have found their way back if they took along Esan Khan and Dost Mahomet before they got lost in the desert country
Captain of the desert Shipped onto this country To open up the waters Of the sea of sand From Marree to Oodnadatta From Alice to Port Augusta You led them thirsty pioneers Across the wide brown land You're the Captain of the desert Why are you undermined Buried in the pages of ages And your tracks, very hard to find Discovery's covered what you left behind You're the Captain of the desert Shipped onto this country To open up the waters of the sea of sand While Burke and Giles and Lasseter Are names we bathe in glory Our Dost, Abdul and Dervish Lie hidden in the sand... (Followed by 'The Cameleer's jig' and coda) Coda lyrics- Captain of desert Open up this country With compass and Qur'an Across the wide brown land!
Na Connerys 05:15
A Chaoimhín mhallaithe guímse deacair ort agus gráin Mhic Dé (Is) ar an ngasra úd athá ceangailte go dlúth le do thaobh Mar 's iad a dhearbhaigh na leabhartha go humhal sa mbréag Is do chuir na Connerys thar na farraigí go dtí 's na New South Wales An té a bheadh ina sheasamh ann (is) dhéanfadh machnamh ar ár gcúis dá plé Mar a sheasaigh sé ón seacht ar maidín go dtí tar éis a naoi Do chroith an talamh fúinn le linn na leabhartha (ann dá) dtabhairt sa mbréag Is mo ghreidhin an t-anam bocht (nó) tá sí damanta má's fíor don chléir Interlude in raga 'Desh' A Bhanríon bheannaithe is a Rí na bhFlaitheas Gheal, tabhair fuascailt orainn araon (Is) ar an mbanaltra atá sa bhaile 's go dúch inár ndéidh Le linn an Aifrinn a bígí ag agallamh is ag guí chun Dé Ar na Connerys a thabhairt abhaile chughainn ó sna New South Wales (Adapted from http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=57396


Southern Star music and lyrics by Vanessa Alia.
Silverton Picnic Train, Camelei and Captain of the Desert lyrics by Mahesh
Cailín deas crúite na mBó and Na Connerys are traditional Irish songs

'Unsung Yarns' album launch will be at the Vanguard (Newtown) on 7 April 2011. Visit www.thevanguard.com.au for bookings

Recorded and mixed by Greg Le Couteur at ‘Chelsea’ (May-Aug ‘08) and Shadowsounds in Kellyville (Aug-Sept ‘08) and Glossodia (Aug ‘09)
Produced by Tapestries of Sound and Greg Le Couteur
Mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound
Artwork and cover design by Chantelle Burge-Ferrow
Artwork images on front: ‘Afghan pouring water from bag into cup’ courtesy of National Library of Australia and ‘Billy Blue’ by J.B. East (1834) courtesy of State Library of NSW

Thanks to: Greg Le Couteur, Joe Gould, Chantelle Burge-Ferrow, Jeni White, Amanda McKenzie, Hashim Durrani, Scott 'Hippie' Hughes and the Broken Hill crew, Lion, the Broken Hill Historic Society, Mossie Scanlon, Judy Pinder, Val Noone, Nollaig Legget, Éilis & Greg Hurst, gach Gaeilgeoiri san Astrail, the Dixons, the Radhakrishnan families, Matty Baistow, the Crooked Fiddle Band, Lolo Lovina, the National Folk Festival and everyone who has supported us over the years.


released April 7, 2011


all rights reserved



Tapestries of Sound Sydney, Australia

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